Wednesday, October 3, 2012

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IT HAS BEEN almost two years away from this space, and I have been looking at what Acorn & Rose means to me now. After lots of workshops, classes and puppet shows here, there, and everywhere, I can say doing puppetry has been challenging, fulfilling, difficult, wonderful, worrisome, joyous. Like life. I've learned a lot and will do shows as occasions arise. It is fun to ham it up and get people laughing. More into teaching right now. There is so much to puppetry, so much skill and doing and creating and interacting, and anytime kids come along who want to learn I will always do my best to teach them all I know.

I just completed a year as personal assistant to an ex-attorney who broke her neck. Did a world-wide search to find the best possible place for her to get stem cells, and it worked! But that is a long story for another moment.

Now . . . gearing up for all kinds of teaching gigs, and more writing, and who am I ~ meaning, where do my passions lie? Into a marvelous future, yeah! all filled up with new explorations, adventures and discoveries - in nature, making all sorts of things, learning better how to stand up and communicate with others. Doing music, playing guitar and flutes and writing songs - well all that is just at the wee beginnings. Reading reading reading - I loved Here Comes Trouble by Michael Moore!! Fixing and building things at my place, and watching the last visits of bees to late summer flowers. Learning more how to develop a beautiful mind and keep the body healthy and younger than my years. Gotta do it!!!