Maker Stories is my nearly-completed book about common people who have created things out of the blue and made meaningful contributions to their worlds. For kids and adults. More information coming soon.

Still available:

One Small Giggle, a picture book for "littles" about a baby whose laughter was felt by anyone, anywhere "who had a mind for it." Oddly enough, it has been favorably reviewed (and "highly recommended") by physicists Amit Goswami and Fred Alan Wolf because it actually demonstrates the principle of non-locality in quantum physics. To purchase please contact me:
mollyjpiper (at)

Out of print and no longer available:

The Magic Crayon, written for a group of second graders at Fort Stevens School in Yelm, WA. It tells the story of the children's own creations coming to life when they drew pictures with a shimmering blue crayon. This was a favorite of children all over Washington, Oregon and Idaho during the years of my Young Author Presentations, starting in 1995. It received an award from the Yelm Community Schools, or rather the author/designer/illustrator (I) did, for Volunteer of the Year in 1995. I recently learned that it is still in the stacks of some school libraries.

Firelight Night is also a picture book, a simple story about a day in the woods, culminating in a bonfire in the evening. The little girl who tells the story pretends to be an owl when she dances around the beautiful fire, and later sees an owl flying silently overhead.

E-T, My Bat is the true story of a real live baby bat that lived in a young girl's pocket next to her heartbeat. Much information about bats! Said Glen Hoveman of Dawn Publishing, "Very interesting and well-written."

Skatepark Scrapbook tells about my son Jesse Isaacs and the letter he wrote to our local newspaper respectfully asking for a place for skateboarders to enjoy their sport, just as ball-players always have. This led to a year of efforts on the part of twenty-five or so kids to raise funds for one of the first small-town skate parks in the United States. Jesse produced his own newspaper which in turn generated many articles from real newspapers, and generous donations from businesses in Thurston and Pierce Counties, and got the kids on King 5 news in Seattle. This book incidentally was a clincher for older kids who attended my Young Author Programs. They were intrigued that a kid could make a newspaper of his own and garner respect from adults in the community - the power of the written word! As one Barnes and Noble five-star reviewer said: "A Book filled with Skatepark Pics! This book rules, anyone who likes skateparks, wether in DE, CA, or IN, its all there."

All of these are published under my old pseudonym Molly Piper. I've been dreaming up a new one, though. Something to do with the genie out of the bottle. 

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