Saturday, February 18, 2017

All Kinds of Things


The kids drew their impressions of immigrants who first came to America, and some of the ships they sailed on.

The littler ones have still been very engaged in storytelling, pulling props they've made out of their many shirt pockets, and using their knick-knack shelves (meant to keep the storytelling idea going at home) as tiny theaters. I got the shelves at thrift stores.


More experiments with magnets.

They learned about ball lightening, so we've done a project to recreate the idea in art room time.

Ball lightening on the table . . . not my favorite-ever project. If you see lightening of any type it does not compare! But the bursts look festive so that's something.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Useful Things

Making one of these lamps is a huge project and we are all just about done. They involve a lot of hands-on learning for the kids, and I burn the midnight oil getting them wired, correctly standing, and balanced throughout.  Too, this was a squirrelly group. I had a pre-teen kicking up squalls and storms, a young child intimidated by sculpting anything, none of my usual volunteer helpers, kids torn away to theater practice, me feeling pressured at moments. That said, we are the only school in the world that does lamp making. The process was invented by yours truly, and I love that the kids have something useful and long-lasting  that exudes their innocent child-like expression. Each one is unique, very individual. Someone said to me, aren't you proud? Not exactly that, but I know who I am.

On the other hand, with needles and pins nearly flying about in different directions, guiding my strong-minded students in making small articles of clothing is another story altogether. But we get things done just the same! Fashion Design??? See what you think!

It's going to be a fun Pikachu hat when my young friend decides it may be worth a few more stitches to get the job all done!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

One Two Three

The serious business of telling stories with the very best props stuffed in your pockets - it takes hardly anything for little kids to burst with happiness. They are so exuberant, thrilled, and open to everything.

Being like they are is for sure what matters, ready to try anything with a full heart and eagerness, being truthful, running out the door to breathe the wind and play. Thank God for my teachers, the kids.   
These kids are getting closer to putting on their electricity and magnetism shows. They are getting good at making their puppets move and talk.

And these are pretty sure they will not be wearing their new sweatshirts in public!