Thursday, March 26, 2015

A Game

In January I taught a workshop about children who have created off-the-charts things in their lives, barely if ever recognized by historians. It was a fourteen-year-old boy who invented television, having seen electricity only once in his life. A twelve-year-old girl invented a shuttle stop, successfully saving child laborers in New England textile mills from injury and death. It was a kid who invented the trampoline, and a boy who lived through famines who built a windmill from junk, bringing electricity to his entire village in Africa. A little schoolgirl took out a patent for her phosphorescent pad - it is marketed and used to write or draw in complete darkness. The list goes on and on. The most interesting thing about all these kids is that they moved through adversity and obstacles, asking questions and coming up with solutions from unknown futures.

Back to my students. We started a board game on the process of how new things - adventures - anything at all - gets created. It's a long way from completion. But I wanted to share with you that something wonderful is beginning to take shape, and for sure you will want to see it when it's ready!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

A Walking Pancake


This is Radcliffe. In our toy making workshop, he handed me his latest game piece, this little disk with a face on it, and arms and legs . "What is it?" "It's a walking pancake!" Nuff said, yes?

Thursday, February 19, 2015


The kids made mossy homes for their little people, while learning about moss, lichen, and fungi.
They loved it.
Too, they loved the "mother born from mushrooms."

Now the littles are into marionettes-in-progress.
Some are practicing the art of portraits.
We are making up a new game (while learning from an old one).
Remember Earth Mother.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Gearing Up!

My mind is over the top with new things for when we get back to school next week. Good times comin', folks!

Sunday, December 28, 2014

A Quick Hello


Ifigured out a better way to teach the kids how to make lamps. This one by Sydney is all about her love for Little House on the Prairie - can you even believe what a treasure it is? Lovely childlike thoughts brought to form in a usable object.

Peace, joy, and prosperity to you in the coming year and always! See you in 2015!

Sunday, November 9, 2014


As Ms. Audrey's kids learn about farm animals, in the art room they are drawing and painting on paper and cloth, making pillows, stuffed animals, and brooches with tiny bells. There's been a lot of mooing and snorting, whinnying, clucking and baaing - along with the usual giggling and singing.
We made up a poem about making a cape and the kids flew. Ask them and they will tell you, yes they really do fly with their capes on!

Recently I have introduced our kids to a number of old fashioned toys and games, and they love them as much as their digital games. Some of the kids are making stilts that will stay on our playgrounds. They reluctantly gave in to not taking them home (which they admit is fair because most of the work is done by me), but they will wood burn their names on them and be the first to step on out - a foot taller in a moment, hooray! 

Ms. Sophie's big kids are studying ancient Greece again, decorating and making pottery.

Ms. Melody is teaching her students all kinds of magic about trees, and they peaced out making these wool felt crowns. I am so excited, we are going to have a "celebration of trees" parade!
Hazel got her hair done by Pearl while they waited for me to thread needles and tie knots.

We had ninety minutes of turning socks and gloves into real live creatures. What a hubbub!
 These two guys made squishy balls so their creatures could have toys.
With all these projects I am still getting my kids to work on their drawing skills, ha ha!
Tyler is very proud of his archer, which will be part of a collage for his third grade medieval studies with Ms. Megan.
See you again soon!