Saturday, May 21, 2016

More Fairy Makin'

Eight little girls all a-flutter, chirping and giggling and working ardently to make their fairy creations  happen. The hour and a half go by so fast, not one of us can believe it.

If you live nearby please come to our big auction on June 4th. It plans 
to be a party to remember, with great food, music, raffles, 
auction items including some of the kids' artwork.
auction flyer

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Fairy Catchers

The girls have been stretched and challenged with sculpting and tying fairy mobiles, and they got a little cranky. They needed a break, and became happy again with little bits of glass, ribbon, tissue paper and fake flickering candles. I sent them home with breakable glass but at least I can say they won't burn the house down.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

A Morning


There are six of us sitting at the art table, a small breakout session. I tell each child my favorite thing about him or her: always interesting and intelligent with great attention to detail; mysterious, deeply quietly mysterious; powerful; passionate and colorful; far-reaching genius. They take these to heart and quietly smile (not that the quiet lasts).
 Lamps are back from exhibits and shows. The kids greet them with love - their creations.
We are working on making their own little "pony on a stick." We've already gone out to choose their special sticks, sawing them down from hazelnut bushes that grow here in profusion. The sticks are waiting in the corner, each with a child's name on it.

Gathering for a visit from three little goats.

This was just the morning. Afternoon brought the bigger kids - sawing, cutting, burning (wood), tooling (copper), a thank you card for one of our most awesome donors, plans for the coming auction, and detailed watercolors of song birds. I often don't have time to take pictures. I love these busy spring days, we have the best school.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Small Things

By now I think all the kids who come to the art room have gotten to paint on bisque ware donated by my artist/potter friend Priscilla. It's not the same as glazes (we use acrylics) but how gorgeous they are! The art room is very small and it is really nice to be outside with the kids sometimes (and the friendly neighbor horses).

Friday, April 22, 2016

Loving the Earth

Our big kids made up a neat board game in their class about ecosystems and endangered species. They've been doing wood burning, making tee shirts and all kinds of cool artwork to learn about and honor Mother Earth.

Miss Melody's unit study Pacific Northwest Animals got us into a bunch of fun projects.

Too, pets are always part of the riches. And there is nothing like kittens and pups on your head!

P.S. We have a window display at Lemuria/Mail Unlimited in Yelm, donated to us by owner Francesca White for a whole month! (Check out her shop, it's chock full of books, gifts, clothing, essential oils, candles, jewelry, all sorts of goodies.) Because of things like this more and more families are realizing the treasure tucked away in their own neighborhood. Thank you Francesca!