Thursday, January 12, 2017

Puppets and Pockets

Ms. Jean's second and third graders are studying electricity and magnetism. We are making puppet partners to display their experiments and amazing information. The kids are naming them Amps, Watts, Lightening Bolt, Volts, Tesla, Free Energy - and let us not forget Electric Kitty!

Ms. Audrey's kids are beginning to learn real live storytelling. They are designing tee shirts with pockets for props and prompts. I'll be stitching them up on the machine; later the kids will add ribbons, bells, butterflies and things just like Brother Blue, a famous old teller from Boston.
 They are making tiny creatures to pull out of their pockets at just the right moments.
We are on the home stretch with lamp making. In fashion design, lots of hats coming, along with tunics and skirts. There's more - painting brains and neurons on sweatshirts, "I use my brain to create my days" - salmon on wood slabs - popup paper bonfires and dragons. Sticky hands, splatters of paint, make sure you put the needle in the pin cushion, sweep the floor, listen to some Mozart? Always, there is more, much, much more!

Happy New Year Everyone! Don't we live in interesting times!!!

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Joy to the World

The kids' Christmas play, put together by our teachers Audrey and Aleece!

Joy to the World
Merry Christmas I love you!
Muaw Muaw, Wof Wof, Nha Nha

Thursday, December 15, 2016

After School

Progress in our after school program - lamp making and fashion design.

 Radcliffe is hammering the large eyelets in the rhythm of Jingle Bells.

Friday, December 9, 2016

Beyond the Refrigerator



One of our dads says he needs sixteen refrigerators to put up all his daughter's drawings and paintings. Now he is going to need couches and shelves for all the stuffed, sculpted and multi-sided creations our kids are coming up with. 
Happiness abounds in the Phoenix Rising art room!

 Wishing you the happiness of the holiday season and beautiful, exciting adventures in your future!