Friday, April 22, 2016

Loving the Earth

Our big kids made up a neat board game in their class about ecosystems and endangered species. They've been doing wood burning, making tee shirts and all kinds of cool artwork to learn about and honor Mother Earth.

Miss Melody's unit study Pacific Northwest Animals got us into a bunch of fun projects.

Too, pets are always part of the riches. And there is nothing like kittens and pups on your head!

P.S. We have a window display at Lemuria/Mail Unlimited in Yelm, donated to us by owner Francesca White for a whole month! (Check out her shop, it's chock full of books, gifts, clothing, essential oils, candles, jewelry, all sorts of goodies.) Because of things like this more and more families are realizing the treasure tucked away in their own neighborhood. Thank you Francesca! 

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The Dolls Go Home

Have I shared the kids' dolls they made from scratch? (with plenty of help from my friends). They put tiny paper brains and hearts inside the stuffing, having written thoughts on them like "good friends," "genius mind," and "happiness." They glued on big hairdos and made dresses (and saris and shorts),  over-the-shoulder pouches, plus toys for the dolls - dogs, a couple of dinosaurs, clothespin children.
Gus decided his doll would go to his baby sister, but he would keep the dinosaurs. The girls felt hard-pressed to leave their babies behind each week! "Oh my baby, how can I leave my baby!!!" But alas for me, in the end they all were taken away to their homes.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Scare the Teachers!

Miss Melody brought her kids to Northwest Trek on Monday. She didn't know it at the time, but the kids brought home some of the animals. She was surprised when they brought them back to class to show her!

Saturday, March 19, 2016

We Got Art!

Do you ever just love little art-maker hands?

We had an exhibit at the local gallery! Imagine your first art show opening at the age of six. It was a very joyous event, lots of people came and the kids were really delighted and delightful. Fabulous food too, brought by parents, and wonderful music. We even got a big, happy feature article
 in the paper, which is great because not everyone knows we are here.
Our school administrator Nazila Mirani - think she loves kids?
Some of our graduates came to say hello:

Back at the art room, the big kids made drums for their unit on Africa.
                  The first/second graders, currently studying Pacific Northwest animals, made a big greeting for Brad Wood who came to show all our kids a falcon, a hawk, and a great big owl from Northwoods Falconry. The living birds are huge, wild (even though trained) and breath-taking to see. These birds are not ones you normally get to see close up.

The doll makers:

Dolls for the dolls, and a pet German Shephard in the making.

Puppet makers learning to do voices . . . and making sure the tails wag.

Life is full!