Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Catching Up

Just a quick hello with pictures of some of our recent doings. 
I'm told people like images better than words!
A giant focus card to bring our school dog Tobren back, we got this done in one hour! While he was lost (ran away in fear of gun shots), the kids focused a lot at school and at their homes! And he was back in three weeks, having been well loved and cared for not too far away!
 Sculptures also made to focus: "Come back Tobren!"
See the little focus cards they are holding? 
 Guess the holiday!
 The marble runs again.
 They are still at school! People are so fascinated by these, kids and adults. I am saving them for the Spring Artfest so everyone can have a turn!
 Copper brooches.
 Lots of cuties playing fairy people.
 One of the major topics of conversation with this group: how many teeth are you missing?

 Fairies are good at building!

 Thunder and lightening masks! with treasure boxes.
  Standup Christmas trees.
Back to our city from the future.
 Movies and bikes belong in the future!
 More and more jewels!
 Quiet early morning daylight . . .
 Not so quiet here.

 The King Arthur kids - copper shields and fantastic drawings.
 Quietly at work on those drawings.
 Back again to our Future City.
 A unicorn advent calendar.
  We are already celebrating the spirit of Christmas. In fact, the kids are on it year round!