It takes decades for an oak tree to produce its first acorns. I love oak trees and their seed because of their steadfastness and persistence, slowly growing, weathering storms and coming out strong. I identify with oak trees at this point in my life, ready to create from a place of strength and wisdom.

Not that a lot hasn't happened in all the seasons of my life so far - I've done artwork from the east coast to the Pacific Northwest, every kind you could ever think of, from work in galleries, homes and public places, to books and illustration, to sculpture, gardens, landscapes, carpentry and building. And teaching in every venue, from private lessons to huge workshops for hundreds of children and adults. For me, the greatest purpose of  life on Earth is to be truthful with yourself, to correct what you don't need or want or like about yourself, and evolve into emotional and spiritual well-being. All the artwork has been a part of searching for that.

I raised a beautiful son who reminds me of an oak tree, too. Jesse is a world traveler, a compassionate and kind person who listens well in any conversation.

I have a place near Olympia, Washington called Little Woodland Farm, where we have had horses, goats, rabbits, chickens, bees, dogs, cats and a pair of doves.

I have a puppet theater called Acorn & Rose, teach at The Phoenix Rising School, and am a student at Ramtha's School for Enlightenment.
                                               And I love roses. Which is a story for another moment.