Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mothers Day

Yay to all folks who love and care for children - moms, single parents, teachers of course. 

Floret Flower Farm
My Mom Windy has ninety years behind her, and more good years to come. In the cold winters she stacks wood and keeps her house warm and inviting. She can kick your ass in a game of Scrabble. She Skypes her kids from her iPad, and keeps the songbirds fed. In spring she gets out to pick up branches from her gorgeous old oak trees, and to tidy up her gardens and big lovely pond. She works the soil to plant her flowers and tomatoes. This summer I'm going to sit with her in the wisteria arbor, walk with her to smell the roses all along her fences, and share stories about what we've each learned, what we hope for and dream of.