Tuesday, June 4, 2013

My Pink Girls

On Friday afternoons at Phoenix Rising I meet with a little group of girls, four years old to twelve. Being with them is always the best ending to the school week. Last session I started sawing out wooden rabbits for them, a lot of work but worth it! If you could have seen their innocent, happy faces as they held - no, caressed - the rabbits already cut. They began creating designs on paper rabbits, inspired by tiny wildflowers from outdoors, especially the perfect star of sepals on the back of a buttercup. Their mouths turned round with ooooooo's when we opened up a wooden box filled with bells and beads and shining glass jewels that will dangle from ribbons and strings, similar to this by  artist Karen Davis. My, but newness and innocence are sweet to behold!
  I call them my pink girls because they all love pink and so much is rosey to them.