Tuesday, October 29, 2013

More and More Again!

Everything from pencils, paints and paper to copper, cloth, and wood - all these and more are used as materials for the makings of our children at Phoenix Rising School. They get to work with a variety of tools, and to explore endless subjects, bringing sense, meaning and order from their minds, through their hands, into tangible objects. The results of their focus and labors delight the eyes and resonate with the questions and answers of curious, growing children.

I am often amazed and moved by the diversity of personalities - the gifts of exuberance, sensitivity, passion and caring that each individual child brings to my little room. It is quite a dance to keep order of it all. It is a dance that I love, and a privilege after decades of doing art on my own, teaching in many venues, living through the chaos that artists are suspected of. I am pleased to find myself moving in space and time with fellow teachers who ponder, organize and stretch day by day, guiding their charges into and through the wonders of life and the world.


Everything to learn, to be, to do and enjoy - always more - and more again!

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Annie said...

Great as always.