Sunday, February 9, 2014

Onward with Art!

I drew on the board for the kids, and they drew on their paper - then they painted. 
See what I mean about how individual they are? Each person's is unique.
(You'll have to visit the art room or Ms. Megan's class to see the rest.)
The big kids made it through their Islamic tile designs
          All the kids' work is beautiful, and Austin grasped subtle, complex potentials:
To begin the first and second graders' unit on the Winter Olympics, the kids assembled little paper people which I'd cut out for them. They love the fact that a body's height equals "eight heads high." We looked at skeletons, drawings, photos of athletes, and ourselves, and had a fun time considering how many different ways a body can move, both by moving our own bodies and making sketches and tracings from the little hinged people. The plan is by the time they are done with this unit, the students will have had quite a bit of experience drawing people in motion!

The Kinders love bunnies, everything about them. They liked talking about bunny families snuggled up together in their burrows underground. As usual they did accurate freehand drawing (following along with me on the board), and happily took on the tasks of cutting, stuffing and stapling. Hooray! Hooray for bunnies!!!

And hooray for the art kids at Phoenix Rising!

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