Sunday, May 11, 2014

Flowers to Cows

"Mother" was the word of the week in the art room, with gluing, snipping and secret-keeping all happily going on at once. I always loved little hand-mades and treasures from Jesse (still have them tucked here and there around the house), but had never really seen the  anticipation kids feel when conjuring up their small gifts. Children from kindergarten to sixth grade all were very eager to come up with something special to give on Sunday. Many of them spoke out, "She's going to be so happy to have this!" "I'm sure she'll keep this for her whole ever life ever." "My mom needs to know I think about her."

Nathan showed that he can make an entire pot holder in sixty minutes. I had to keep reminding him to breathe! Jacob was the most focused I've ever seen him be: "This is for my mom!"

The kinders worked together to make a wreath of flowers (out of egg cartons, no less) to give to Ms. Audrey (their "other mother").
Just look at these photos. Do you think they love and trust their teacher?

Apart from the gift-making, the first/second grader gods said, "Let there be chickens . . .
. . . and roosters! Cock-a-doodle-doo!"

Just one more little bit here - what is a blog post without a few real live cows in it? On Thursdays, Zanzi and I go for walks to check out the neighborhood, and return to the art room to make mini-books filled with the moment and as many details as we can cram in. All in a springtime hour.



Rose said...

Jeannie, Jeannie, you are just simply the best. Your kids are blessed.

Melody said...

Oh Jeannie! I am so glad you got to see the joy that the children have when creating these treasures. It is such a gift...the other side of the coin.
Thank you for all of your hard work with our students. we are blessed to have you.