Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Two Little Treats

Zanzi has an idea - Let's make messages to send with Tobren
(our school dog) over to Ms. Melody's classroom.
Zanzi and I made the yellow box (cut off on the left of the photos) to string
around Tobren's neck. And now Bella is writing the messages.
Nodding approval while chewing on his pinky:
 Putting no weight on his spine, Bella's form is excellent! 
It looks like Tobren will be a fine messenger dog:

 Can you see him below? Bella tells him he has done very well 
as Ms. Melody reads the messages.

Here is one more little treat from the first and second graders, who took a good look 
at maple tree "helicopter seeds" and made lots of their own out of colored paper:

1 comment:

Melody Rae said...

Awesome entry! You DID get a good video after all!
I LOVE Tobren, the messenger dog. Brings a smile to my face every morning!