Thursday, March 26, 2015

A Game

In January I taught a workshop about children who have created off-the-charts things in their lives, barely if ever recognized by historians. It was a fourteen-year-old boy who invented television, having seen electricity only once in his life. A twelve-year-old girl invented a shuttle stop, successfully saving child laborers in New England textile mills from injury and death. It was a kid who invented the trampoline, and a boy who lived through famines who built a windmill from junk, bringing electricity to his entire village in Africa. A little schoolgirl took out a patent for her phosphorescent pad - it is marketed and used to write or draw in complete darkness. The list goes on and on. The most interesting thing about all these kids is that they moved through adversity and obstacles, asking questions and coming up with solutions from unknown futures.

Back to my students. We started a board game on the process of how new things - adventures - anything at all - gets created. It's a long way from completion. But I wanted to share with you that something wonderful is beginning to take shape, and for sure you will want to see it when it's ready!

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Ellie said...

So proud of you! Ellie