Sunday, February 7, 2016

One or Two Colors

In these pictures, I played the sounds of ancient Greek lyres and flutes to get the kids to step back in time, but my ruse didn't really work. They wondered why the music sounded so simple (and to them, boring). I asked them to consider making up music out of nothing using just a couple instruments. They got it: as with any basic beginning, neurons and brain associations are few. The kids understood that more complex music would be developed in other cultures over time. (They are glad they live now with so much wonderful music.)
     The kids wanted to use a whole rainbow of colors to paint their bowls, but Greek pottery in all its power was monochromatic, something like their music. We didn't have their ancient beautiful shapes but this bisque pottery felt great in their hands.

Special thanks to Priscilla Dodge for the wonderful bisque ware! 
I hope the kids' happy expressions do some justice to your generosity!

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