Saturday, March 19, 2016

We Got Art!

Do you ever just love little art-maker hands?

We had an exhibit at the local gallery! Imagine your first art show opening at the age of six. It was a very joyous event, lots of people came and the kids were really delighted and delightful. Fabulous food too, brought by parents, and wonderful music. We even got a big, happy feature article
 in the paper, which is great because not everyone knows we are here.
Our school administrator Nazila Mirani - think she loves kids?
Some of our graduates came to say hello:

Back at the art room, the big kids made drums for their unit on Africa.
                  The first/second graders, currently studying Pacific Northwest animals, made a big greeting for Brad Wood who came to show all our kids a falcon, a hawk, and a great big owl from Northwoods Falconry. The living birds are huge, wild (even though trained) and breath-taking to see. These birds are not ones you normally get to see close up.

The doll makers:

Dolls for the dolls, and a pet German Shephard in the making.

Puppet makers learning to do voices . . . and making sure the tails wag.

Life is full!

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