Thursday, May 12, 2016

A Morning


There are six of us sitting at the art table, a small breakout session. I tell each child my favorite thing about him or her: always interesting and intelligent with great attention to detail; mysterious, deeply quietly mysterious; powerful; passionate and colorful; far-reaching genius. They take these to heart and quietly smile (not that the quiet lasts).
 Lamps are back from exhibits and shows. The kids greet them with love - their creations.
We are working on making their own little "pony on a stick." We've already gone out to choose their special sticks, sawing them down from hazelnut bushes that grow here in profusion. The sticks are waiting in the corner, each with a child's name on it.

Gathering for a visit from three little goats.

This was just the morning. Afternoon brought the bigger kids - sawing, cutting, burning (wood), tooling (copper), a thank you card for one of our most awesome donors, plans for the coming auction, and detailed watercolors of song birds. I often don't have time to take pictures. I love these busy spring days, we have the best school.

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