Saturday, June 18, 2016

Fairies and Rain

First question at the start of our "Call the Fairies" workshop some weeks ago: "What happens when you focus on something?" Eight little girls all loudly answer, "It's gonna happen." Their little booklets and necklaces, their sculptures, paintings and mobiles, have all been about calling the fairies. One little girl in particular saw quite a few fairies. If you can't believe it, you might want to check out this book, The Secret Life of Nature, in which quantum physicists show that the natural world teems with nature spirits.
This lady, my friend Linda Chiles, is receiving a gift from the girls for all her work in making and stringing felt flowers. The girls' part in this were tiny hand-made sculptures of fairies, a big challenge for them to pull off. If you look carefully you'll see them swinging around.

Fast forward to the last days of school. This article explains how the mind has the potential to influence weather patterns. So a number of us drew rain for our summer - and then we went to the field and focused in our Neighborhood Walk. If you live anywhere near the school, you probably think the kids' focus worked. It's been pouring down rain for days, with lots of rainbows.
They are saying, "I have an awesome summer with lots of fun. I use my brain to bring the rain."

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Kathy H. said...

Yes. Rain and rainbows galore as well as a fairy or two. Thank you, children. Have a wonder full Summer.