Sunday, June 4, 2017

All at Once!

The kids are amping up on their skits for electrical inventors. The show has kept their interest and excitement for many weeks in spite of plenty of other projects interrupting. But they loved learning from their teacher Miss Jean McCrary about the miracles of electricity and named their puppets after amps, watts, volts and the like. They've invented ingenious props and worked out what the skits will be demonstrating. The puppets are starring as the great geniuses Benjamin Franklin, Nikola Tesla, Philo T. Farnsworth, and Hedy Lamarr. Hardly any time left but we are going to pull it off!

There are lots of other doings for the kids' class work and the auction as well. Our auction is based on J.R.R. Tolkien's Fellowship of the Ring so we are doing artwork related to that. For inspiration and understanding I showed them video clips of life in the Shire, Gandalf and Bilbo smoking their pipes, and fireworks at Bilbo's one hundred and eleventieth birthday party.
But what really inspired them was Hobbit food! They whipped cream from a cow named Cindy who lives in nearby Tenino; they stuffed themselves with organic strawberries, apples, sausage, jerky, bread and butter, cheese, and more. Kids are always eager to eat and they easily learned the names of the Hobbits' seven meals a day - breakfast, second breakfast, elevenses . . . anyway kinders to fifth graders all considered food an excellent inspiration. Everyone became happy to donate their art works to an event they will not be attending (while asking when their next feasts will be.)  

The boys are hammering nails for an outdoor loom.
 It was proudly put up by their classmates.

And everyone went out to play!

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