Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Raising Children?

We are born intelligent beings, intuitive from our first moments and able to respond to simple understandings - understandings that are in the best interest of the little developing self as well as the bigger people who are responsible for shelter, warmth, nourishment and guidance. Supporting just that, this article about using some of Cesar Milan's dog-training techniques to raise children has some surprisingly valuable and useful suggestions:
     But you don't have to take it from the Dog Whisperer. There is a fabulous book with similar ideas just for raising children, by Rudolf Dreikurs, M.D. and Vicki Soltz, R.N. It is called Children: The Challenge. Looking back, I would have saved my son and myself a lot of grief if I had been ready to know about and use this book when he was a little boy. The book, rich with day-to-day examples, offers many insights into the concept of "logical consequences" - meaning that a child is given to understand and assess options in any given situation. He is loved and cared for without over-indulgence, without harsh strictness, and offered the opportunity for constructive behavior. Self-respect and respect of others are both part of the picture.
     If this seems like an impossibility, consider the simple fact that in primitive societies where there are no Pampers or babywipes, the tiniest of infants learn when and where to pee and poop. And never any diaper rash.
     Get a copy of Children: The Challenge and see for yourself.

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