Friday, June 11, 2010

What Is in The Winds?

A friend's child's recent questions: Where does the wind come from?  Can we call it to us? Can anything stop it when it comes? Powerful questions! What answers do we have?

United States Army records detail several occasions when the great Apache war shaman Geronimo called the wind, creating massive sandstorms that allowed his people to pass unharmed through treacherous days and nights. This is explored in a book NOT for children, but with stories a parent might selectively retell to a child, Watch for Me on the Mountain, by Forrest Carter. Read reviews here:

A highly recommended guidebook for making all different types of kites: Kites for Everyone by Margaret Greger, available here

And very pleased to introduce a prize-winning online store called Will of the Wind, owned and operated for several years by two steadfast, lovely women, Jan Hazelton and Kathy Joens. They offer a beautiful variety of windy products (chimes, banners, weathervanes and more), all top quality, with superb customer care. Their beautiful kites are already made and ready to fly:

Of their store, Jan and Kathy say: "Will of the Wind began with the concept of setting sails and lofty thoughts into the freedom of the wind. We have been amazed with the creativity and diversity that flourish in the world of kite design. It really is a wonderland for kids of all ages to explore.

"Our kites come in a variety of shapes, sizes and themes, so if you are looking to discover a kite for yourself, a child, a friend or an event, we welcome you to visit Will of the Wind at

"Thank you, Acorn and Rose, for mentioning us on your wonderful blog."
You are welcome, Will of the Wind!

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Anonymous said...

What does it mean to call the wind? You say Geronimo could do this but is that poosible?