Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What More Wonderful?

http://www.allaboutbirds.org/NetCommunity/Page.aspx?pid=1189 This is a delightful site to explore, and what more wonderful than birds to share with children?

For the last few days in my garden a flock of cedar waxwings has been flurrying in and out of the Indian plum bushes, eating the unripe fruits, whistling and trilling their sweet calls. I learned more about them on the All About Birds site (you can listen to their recordings of birdsongs), and am so pleased to pass on their program for kids:

To add to the meaning and fun of all this learning, you and your kids may fall in love with two great ones - both individuals who didn't "fit in" at school  - John James Audubon and Charles Darwin.

Each of these books offers surprises and  insights that make exploring nature all the more meaningful. Besides, One Beetle Too Many is very funny.

These books are easy to find at your local library ~ or  purchase them here: http://astore.amazon.com/httpwwwacorna-20?node=21&page=2

Happy birdsong days to you!


Thea said...

I love this and your whole blog . . . this one is a beautiful connection between cyberspace and nature that I will use with my kids. They will love hearing the birdsongs - outdoors and on this site. My older nephew will surely want to do the learning program.

Katie said...

My best friend just emailed this site to me. I cant wait to see more. Its all so helpful.Thanks alot!