Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A Progression

A friend asked how the Phoenix Rising collage came into being. The kids learned to draw people in motion, and it went from there:
Here is where I got to thinking . . . these drawings could be made into something 
new, so one night in the art room I started cutting and arranging:
 I asked the kids to try lettering inside the banner shape. Surprising that 
one of the second-grade girls did the best job.
 Some of them said, "Did we say we are very excited about everything?"
"No, but you act that way, so I said it." "Oh."
They liked their pictures all being together in a collage, and 
though they did not object or disagree with the banner, it 
worked better to change it to tree boughs. 
A few kids came for after-school sessions to make tiny birds, mushrooms, 
butterflies, and other animals. Some are tucked into this collage, and 
others are being saved for another project. Everyone who had a part in the 
making signed his or her name, which they each found very exciting - 
since they are always very excited about everything!

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