Saturday, August 31, 2013

Teaching the Littles

The mostest! wonderfullest! little moments unfolded at PRS on Friday morning. My workshop class of Littles came to the art room all brimming with enthusiasm and anticipation. They needed to choose colors and wait for felt pieces to be cut out and needles to be threaded. No problem, I had all kinds of help. 
     First, they were allowed to draw with felt-tip pens on the white paper covering the table. And what did they decide to draw? Second breakfast!
Later on good dog Tobren came from his quiet corner to soak up a little lovin'.
The kids made delightful pouches, all decorated with beads, bells, crystals and shells . . .

  . . . with kindest assistance from dear Alexa, who is already an expert at sewing and who managed to sew and decorate three of her own pouches while helping the kinders.
And one more thing. You know how very small children sometimes fall out of bed and off of their chairs? Tiny Miren tumbled backwards off her stool, down and down to the hard, hard floor, and was not quickly to be consoled. But Ms. Melody was within earshot and came to help, returning Miren to a chair with a back on it. All in a morning workshop!
As my senior teacher and mentor, Melody would probably tell you that 
for all the very long hours of prep and follow through, being with children 
is one of the mostest! wonderfullest! of labors.

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