Thursday, September 5, 2013

Banners, Sticks & Fire Drawing


You can see how things have progressed with our banners and talking sticks. Other kids who have seen the sticks want to make them as well. And then we tried something new:
I realize I was taking a chance with the pyrography but I wanted something to really grab the kids' attention and make them step up to bat with self-responsibility. I sensed that they would, and they did. We went slowly through each important step of how to use and handle the tools, which do get burning hot. I told them if one person got rowdy, everyone's "fire-writer" would be unplugged, which they took seriously. They were thrilled with what they were able to do (also loving the smell of wood smoke). Later I learned from Ms. Megan that of all the things her students did all week, wood burning in art class was their favorite activity. Yay!!!  
Adding color:

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