Sunday, November 24, 2013

Careening Along

The high energy of a six-year-old: making a three-foot-high chalk drawing, tossing off a quick dragon, with time left over in ninety minutes to play with blocks.
Breathing in that moment of creating in the sun . . . .

Cut out and standing up. I love the pink house with a big flower on top.

Working on a book cover.

I'm assembling all the big and little pieces that come together as pop-ups for the first and second graders' fairy tale unit with Ms. Melody.
They look so fantastic, just had to make flat copies of them.

Third and fourth graders making progress on heads for their explorer puppets.
As a continuation of their studies of ancient Greek culture, fifth and sixth graders are finishing covers and paper theater masks; and just began work on small clay busts, keeping in mind the style of this Aphrodite. They all peaced out with clay in their hands. I have often seen that - something about the resonance of real earthen clay puts any person, young or old, in a peaceful state of  being.

You can look and see the many challenges the kids will be dealing with here! We'll be focusing on correct proportions as well as details. I know they will learn a lot and do very well.

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Leilani said...

Beautiful. Wonderful to see the children so focused on what they are doing and enjoying it!