Friday, December 6, 2013

Festivals and Shows

These days the Phoenix Rising art program has all been geared towards celebrations - our own holidays, and cultures and adventures from different times in history. 
I look forward to the Greek festival Sophie is preparing with her kids; their sculptures and other artwork may be a part of it. Life in ancient Greece - amazing how much wonder came from those hilly lands (smaller than the state of Washington) - their explorations, the beginnings of democracy, great sculpture and architecture that influenced western art for centuries to come, some of the greatest plays and poetry of all time, profound questions in philosophy and the meaning of life.
Then there are the third and fourth graders - I especially love their salty, rowdy world explorer puppets, from Marco Polo to Amelia Earhart. The kids were very patient and careful following directions to put "hair" on their heads! And Megan's mother Suzette has fantastically spent several hours of generosity and kindness sewing the cloth part of these characters, which the kids will embellish next week.
What wonderful unknowns to expand your mind by immersing yourself in the adventures of explorers like Marco Polo! At this point in my life I identify with the kids - "Me wanty!!!"


Annie said...

cute as always:)

Ella said...

You go Jeannie girl!!!