Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Learning Brought to Life

A lot of schools have removed geography from their curriculum - not so, Phoenix Rising. Ms. Megan's third and fourth graders have had great fun looking into the adventures of world explorers. We worked on maps in the art room, and it was fun to see the kids' faces when suddenly they came to understand that maps are made only after wild journeys in unknown places. Their studies have been heartily reinforced with presenting their own jolly little handmade puppets . . .  Marco Polo, Earnest Shackleton, Amelia Earhart . . . brought back to life by wide-eyed curiosity and enthusiasm.  
And Ms. Sophie's big kids' Greek Festival, with their wonderful play and a fabulous feast of lamb roasted on a spit, savory lentils, cheeses and delicious sweets . . . . I have to say I was so pleased to have been part of their learning and their moments of celebration.
Can you believe they made their clay busts in less than two hours? Hooray for kids at 
The Phoenix Rising School!


Melody Rae said... the puppets but those busts are AWESOME!!!

Annie said...

As usual the pictures are great. Thanks for sharing them...Annie