Monday, November 11, 2013

Dragon Makings and Autumn Sleep

Sam drew his first-ever dragon and here it is!
All the boys and girls made similar dragons for their fairy tale books. They also made borders showing just what can happen when one actually meets up with a dragon. As you see some of them wore dragon-fighting masks and capes.
The girls decided that a dragon-fighter should have his cape held up for a procession, and we played trumpet fanfares for the occasion.
The kinders have been in another world altogether. To enhance their harvest curriculum, they  painted autumn trees, and made advent calendar-type windows showing where animals tuck themselves away when the weather gets harsh. Here is Ava's, with a sleeping bunny, snakes, a hooting owl and a bark beetle:

The children drew these free-hand by following along as I drew on the board. I am so proud of them all!
Of course there's been a lot of work from the big kids too, but no pictures because I multitask like a whirling dervish. I'll stay on it this coming week!


Britta said...

Jeannie youare rockin,those kids are very lucky to have you!!!

Leilani said...

That's an awesome dragon for such a little guy to draw in such detail! What is Sam's age?

Anonymous said...

Jest think if all kids could do so much beautiful art. Wow what an amazing program you offer Jeannie.