Sunday, November 17, 2013

Phoenix Latest

Hoo hoo! Hoo - ooo!! Hoo hoo! Hoo - ooo!
The kinders did these beautiful owls, and started work on campfire masks - not for any particular occasion but because they love to put on masks.
First and second graders are intent on making pieces for their up-and-coming castle popups - part fairy tale and part "four states of matter" which may all be found in a castle, if you include the ghosts. I love how organized and focused they are.

Shaynan burned holes right through the corners with a pyrography tool, 
which all his classmates found impressive. Me, not so much.

And some of the littles are making new Christmas lanterns.
 Ms. Sophie's fifth and sixth graders are completing their unit book covers.

Sometimes they like to keep on their hats and jackets when they come in from the cold. (If you can call them hats.)
Some of the kids are starting to really show their talents for drawing - verrrry exciting!!!
Pyrenees drew freehand from a picture of Samuel de Champlain, the explorer he has chosen to research.

One of my favorite parts of the whole busy week - more and more kids are visiting the art room during recess, lunch time, and after school, asking if they can draw or work on a project. It makes me feel like I have the best job in the whole school!
I've been doing more carpentry, organizing, shopping for the best supplies, purchasing, writing proposals, planning and follow-up. Life in the art room is overflowing!
And in my other world . . . closer to the finish line on my new book. 


Kathy said...

I luuvvv getting these newsletters in my inbox! Be sure to sign up for them if you want some regular, happy, good cheer.

Karen Rae said...

Wow Jeannie Isaacs ... the diversity of what the kids get to experience & create is so beyond anything I've ever seen in ANY art program anywhere for any age. We have VERY privileged kids and we are soooo grateful for all you do. THAN YOU!!!!!

Annie said...

hope to read your new book soon. Annie