Monday, January 20, 2014

Back to School

If I were a kid and came to check out The Phoenix Rising School for the very first time - if I saw these mysterious woods and this enticing playground . . . 
 . . . and if I took one look at that blue window with the tiny fairy lights inside . . .
 . . . and then if I went inside that room, I would be on fire to be a part of this place!

I would want to be with the kids who made lanterns for Lunar New Year, and put my dreams and desires and wishes on their Chinese Giving Tree. I would want to join all the kids for their long outdoor playtimes, and make things in the art room with clay, wood, copper, felt, paints, music (and do lots of other cool things in the science lab and regular classrooms). (What made me think of this today was a little girl who came for a visit and was so thrilled to make a lantern to bring home.)

And for now, here's a sampling from last week in the art room:
Using tiny clothespins to put dreams and desires on the Chinese Giving Tree
Third through sixth graders learned to make Celtic heart knots as part of their Irish culture studies.
They worked with clay and had lots of fun learning about Irish music,
 dance, and roots going back to Vikings and Druids.
In Friday art workshops the kids have been learning about birds
and putting them in watercolor paintings and felt projects.
Along with the big pink bows in her long curly hair, Eva has
one little bird sitting on her head, and one resting in her hands.
It's a big deal for a five-year-old to draw arms bent and holding something.
The kindergarten kids have done watercolors of snoring bears in caves, with
yawning baby bears popping up when you open the cards and look inside.
Phoenix Rising is a small pre-K - 6th school on ten gorgeous acres, partially community-supported (making it affordable), attended by more than fifty-five children from all parts of the greater Olympia community.


Annie said...

you are a genius as usual! Annie

Gloria said...

Rock on Jeanious Pie!!!