Monday, January 27, 2014

More Kid Stuff

Sewing little treasures!

The kids are intrigued by the little people of Irish lore - are they real? Can you shift your mind to their dimension and actually see them? Do they really laugh and 
bring gold and steal your shoes?

 Ms. Megan is wowed!
And then - the Kinders - it was so much fun sharing cave and bat stories with them. They were very eager to draw and paint in their caves around their baby pop-up bears. 

 And it's still Lunar New Year for Ms. Melody's first and second graders! They cut out
and drew with oil crayons and put together hinged dragons, which to them seemed like
a big and happy celebration. They absolutely love that Chinese dragons can fly with no wings, and bring the spirit of wealth and kindness, and talk and shape-shift.

 Happy Lunar New Year from the art room at Phoenix Rising!

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Annie said...

I love getting these photos Thanks ...Love, Annie