Sunday, March 30, 2014

Early Spring and So Much To Do!

Back to the challenge of a clay head, this time an Egyptian sphinx, as part of the fifth-sixth grade class study of Egypt. Ms. Sophie's students found it more problematic than they recalled, but will master it in the coming week or two, no doubt.
Ms. Megan's kids have been experiencing the hard tasks of finishing up their Cultures of the World unit books, tending to final details and keeping their patience (or not).

But Ms. Melody's first and second graders are breathing in springtime with song birds, water fowl, raptors and more. Nests, wings, lift-off - what a great topic for the moment!
Feathers flew up, down, and all around before landing on their masks.
In their small groups they are whittling bird-men and cutting out paper cuckoo clocks. I had to put these three guys up on the table so they could plant their feet firmly and not let their blades slip. Don't they remind you of little men? Listening to them talk, they pretty much know everything.

The cuckoo-clock makers watched a video of a cuckoo bird and truly fell in love.
But wait, there's more for you to see.  Kindergarten kids are eagerly creating friendship letters to send through their postal service, set up by Ms. Audrey and Ms. Carol.

On Friday morning we still have workshop time - a goat puppet, handmade books, picture frames, a blue felt ball, and building with blocks, all squeezed into ninety minutes. 

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