Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Breakout Sessions

Melody, Megan and I have worked out a way that first through fourth graders break into small groups for extra art time. This allows for special projects that tie into their curriculum work and bring the kids closer to subjects they are studying. Here are photos of Melody's first and second graders putting their minds on birds. Three of the boys whittled and painted little gnome people holding tiny birds (a big deal to whittle when you are in first or second grade, "majorly serious fun.").
Four of the kids have created a village, and their enthusiasm has grown with every little detail. It's a project that  started with cuckoo clocks, and I'm sure it could go on. Notice there are lots of birds here and there, it's a bird village after all; and Wyatt drew me and my dog Tobren walking together in front of his fence. Big compliment - I gratefully accept!

The third group worked on some pretty hefty masks.
In their once-a-week all-group sessions, each first and second grader has made a smaller mask and wings.

All my kids have always put their hearts into their artwork. But with the last few weeks of breakout sessions, most of them have expressed happiness for the extra time and special projects, and gratitude for the peace and quiet of small sessions. (And that's all for this post - more of the other students' work on the way.)

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