Sunday, March 16, 2014

Penguins and Other Wonders

What happens when nine squiggly little people with penguins on their minds come to the art room? Everything penguin!!! from blubber, swimming, baby-raising, and "penguin eats" - to why penguin girls should be decorated for the show. Penguin songs, too, and penguin dances.

           Here's where some penguin decorating happens. And then back to showtime!

I know this is a lot of pictures, but couldn't find one to delete.
 And then there is painting and wood burning on boxes and frames.

 With a pink hat like this life definitely is more complete.

 Working on our Winter Olympics Diorama. Should be all done early this week.
Don't they just make you laugh?!


Annie said...

as you probably know I am your biggest and best fan? Love,Annie

Diane said...

Jeanie, you take such wonderful pictures. I am beginning my blog and thought about starting with a talk about mistakes and failure. I think most people avoid such topics. I am grateful for this update, as I will link it to my blog when I start next week.

Beautiful work by those second graders. Sienna will be joining you next year! Yeah!