Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Happy Trails

It's the last week of school, but in no way has that dampened the enthusiasm of the art kids at Phoenix Rising. They've been finishing up their Native American drums, gourds, and teepees.
Some have made their own hand-stitched one-piece suede moccasins, which they find very comfortable and are really proud of.

Budding puppeteers have sung and spoken their lines for a real live audience.
Kid-made lamps have been plugged in and lit up.

We reviewed how to draw figures in motion.
We drew big hot campfires, adding more and more elements to tell a story with a picture.

Looks like we are ready for summer!
P.S. Special thanks once again to Willa and Kazue who helped out with our lamp making; these kind and helpful volunteers have added much to our workshop - fun, patience, and an element that can't be described or quantified.

Happy trails to all!

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