Monday, June 15, 2015

It happened!

People who attended our first annual art festival on May 29th said it 
had all the feeling of an old fashioned country fair. Visitors came from near and far.
We had unsurpassed music with Nate Baker and Jackie Rae Daniels.
Fantastic songs from Phoenix Rising graduates Sarah and Galleonne . . .
. . . and our C.R.E.A.T.E. teacher Miss Sonya, who also has a voice straight from God.
 Sonya teaches children the science and practice of how to focus
their minds and intentionally make things happen.

There was face painting . . .
. . . portrait drawing by Kent Cissna, many wonderful vendors, delicious foods and drinks . . .
Friends gathering.

There were old-fashioned art activities - pinwheels, flags on sticks,
paper cones with little string handles, rock painting and the like.

We had fabulous raffles.

The art exhibits were inside. It made me laugh when I later heard that people
couldn't find them - I should have put up a sign! Well, I always knew this event was
going to be more about happiness than perfection!
In the computer lab:
In the science lab . . . a few of the kids brought projects from home. I love Helen's instructions
on how to draw a mermaid. She stayed up past her bedtime gluing on all the little pebbles.
In the art room - whittling and wood burning, sculpting, sewing, weaving, drawing and painting:

Drawing empowers:
Making Useful Things
Art for Curriculum:

Please be sure to come back and join us next year. It's gonna be good times, folks!

P.S. Very special thanks to Paulina Amador 
of Holo-Graphics  for her beautiful outdoor photos.

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