Tuesday, June 9, 2015

A Dog for Miss Melody

The kids scrubbed their hands and made a mosaic of organic turkey dogs, cheddar cheese, and apples. They made a new message pouch, stuffed in their cards and drawings, and hung it around Tobren's neck. Noisily grabbing their flags, they paraded back to their room to celebrate Miss Melody's birthday in first/second grade style. They read her a poem declaring they all hope she gets a dog. Yes indeed! That is their wish for their beloved teacher.
 Miss Mel warmed their hearts when she immediately recognized the dog laid out before her.
 They were no less than thrilled when she read each birthday message 
encouraging her to find her own special dog.
 You might think they hadn't eaten all day, though lunches were still fresh inside their tummies.
In a zillion different ways, Miss Melody takes care of all her kids and Tobren. Everyone knows there's going to be plenty of love for the new dog when she gets here.


Carol said...

What a wonderful celebration for a very talented and loved teacher.
I met Ms Melody when i was 15 and she had a huge impact on my life. I recognized her free , fun, musical and talented self and wanted to be more like her. At fifteen you can be anything you want .. The Prophet was the first serious book given to me by Melody. I was very sad when she had to move and we lost touch through the years but she was never out of my heart. I still have the book by the way!

Melody Rae said...

Carol, you are a sweetheart to say so. Those were days LONG LONG ago. You were good friends who got me through a rough time fitting in to a new school.