Saturday, June 6, 2015


While I await pictures to share with you of last week's art festival, here is our final mermaid workshop - a joyous session if ever there was one!
Little Michelle is wearing her ocean-lore brooches. She pointed out to me, "This dress is 
just right for mermaid-making." I love her tiny little maker hands.
 The sculptures are the puppets' children and companions.

The white globes are their mer-lanterns. While they worked on completing them, they listened to a story with themselves in it, meeting up with a seahorse dad, an ancient turtle, a napping octopus, and more. I am happy they have gone from this filled with their own handmade loot, some good lore, stories and mer-dreams. Perhaps next year, given time, some of them will perform in a real live puppet show.

P.S. Very special thanks to our volunteer Priscilla Hoback, who spent long hours 
sewing up mermaid bodies and stuffing tails.


Melody Rae said...

This is absolutely delightful. One of the best workshops yet! My students were thrilled with their treasures. Thanks Jeannie for always having such great ideas!

Kathy Williamson said...

Yes, I have taught art for more than 3 decades in upstate NY. My friend sent me your blog. U r unique, original, inspiring. Thank you. I will do better now I have seen you, better yes.